Pet Policy

Except for trained service animals being used by the disabled, the resident shall not permit any pet on the property (mammal, bird, reptile, fish, rodent, or insect) with out the Owner/Property Manager’s prior written consent. “Pet-sitting” shall not be allowed.  The following is's policy for those homes that do allow pets.

  • If Owner/Property Manager’s prior written consent is obtained the maximum number of pets shall not exceed two.
  • The Resident shall pay $500.00 per first authorized pet and an additional $1,000.00 for the second authorized pet in the form of a refundable deposit.
  • If Resident brings any pet on the rental property without Owner’s prior written consent, Resident shall pay $1,000.00 per unauthorized pet.
  • The deposits collected will be held as additional general deposit funds which shall be retained or refunded pursuant to the general security deposit funds.  These deposit sums shall not be construed as separate “pet deposits."
  • Pets shall be properly vaccinated.
  • Resident agrees to keep the rental property free of animal waste, keep full control of pets at all times, and accept full liability for pet actions.
  • Resident shall remove pets that exhibit aggressive behavior, damage property, make excessive noise, or become a nuisance in any way, at the sole discretion of the Owner/Property Manager
  • If any pet is required to be removed, or removed voluntarily, any pet deposit shall be retained by the Owner/Property Manager until the end of the tenancy.
  • Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers or any malicious animal as deemed by Owner/Property Manager will not be allowed.

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