Full Service Property Management

The full service management service is designed for the busy property owner who wants the freedom to engage in other pursuits with the peace of mind that their property is being managed impeccably. Under our Full Service Property Management Service we will provide you with the following:

  • Conduct a market analysis of the surrounding neighborhood seeking comparable rental properties and establish an effective market price for your property.
  • Market your property through a variety of relevant sources including on site signage in conjunction with local real estate agents, property managers and relocation specialists/companies via the MLS, feeder signs, Craig’s List, print media, flyers and our own website’s available rentals page.
  • Arrange showings of your available unit, selling its unique assets that set it apart from other units in the area.
  • Qualify a prospective tenant using a thorough application process that includes a multi-state criminal background check, credit report, income verification, employment verification and interviews with prior landlords.
  • Perform a formal move in with the selected tenants at which time the lease agreement and all other pertinent documentation will be signed along with a unit condition report and complete video documentation of the property.
  • Collect rent, security deposits, generate a disbursement payment, provide accounting information and a year end tax reporting information.
  • Act as primary point of contact for all landlord-tenant relations regarding landlord-tenant laws, fair housing laws and any other regulations.
  • Perform annual interior inspections prior to extending a renewal to an existing tenant, as well as frequent exterior drive by visits to ensure that the tenant is performing his contractual obligations as stated in the lease.
  • Facilitate scheduling, management and payment of any repairs or maintenance by either our in-house staff or our select group of approved vendors that have a proven track record of providing quality work at a justified price (final bill is paid by homeowner).


NWTradition.com strives to provide you with the best possible service at a competitive price. The cost for our Full Property Management Service is a one time $150 set-up charge, a fee equivalent to 3/4 of one month’s rent for the placement of the tenant, and 9% of the gross monthly rent collected. An additional $500 will be collected as a retainer for any emergency expenditures. If you would like to find out more about how NWTradition.com can assist you in your Property Management needs, please see our contact us page or email us directly to request further information.


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